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Which Sapphire colour are you?

Which Sapphire colour are you?

Which Sapphire colour are you?

When deciding on a pool, the colour can be as important as the design. Make sure you pick something that you’ll love looking at every day and in all seasons. Whether it stands out or fits in with your home and garden is up to you and can have a big impact on the finished look.

Within the Sapphire range there is a large selection of pool finishes to choose from, each with their own strengths. From traditional blues to edgy blacks, greens and whites, picking your pool colour can be the most fun part of your design!

Without further ado, here are three of the most popular colours from our range.


This deep blue tone is the most popular of our colours and will make your pool the centrepiece of your home. Its strong, Mediterranean colour makes it stand out and is a constant reminder of the ocean. If you’re choosing a larger pool model, Twilight will make your pool look vast and deep and stuns when matched with lighter surrounds.


For those building pools around gardens, Platinum could be the one for you. Sparkling slightly green in the sun, Platinum pools can tie in perfectly with foliage of all sizes. Platinum can also be paired with both light and dark finishes and offers a unique pool colour that always invites you in to swim.

Sky Blue

As the name suggests, Sky Blue is a lighter tone that mirrors the clear sky above. Sky Blue is well suited to whites and grey surrounds and will go from an extremely light blue during the day, to a truer blue (as above) in shade, giving a Sky Blue pool owner variety in their backyard.

If you’re considering a Sapphire pool and want some help choosing your pool colour, drop in to your local Sapphire display centre. We have a variety of colours in the ground at our centres or you can see more examples on our website and social media.