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Tight space? No problem!

Tight space? No problem!

Tight space? No problem!

With block sizes shrinking and backyards becoming smaller, it’s not surprising many of us think we couldn’t possibly fit a pool in our outdoor space. However, pool sizes and design features have also changed and it may now be possible to do what was previously thought impossible when it comes to swimming pool installation.

The team at Sapphire Pools have over 50 years’ experience installing our range of fibreglass pools in backyards all across Western Australia. Over that time, we have gained the experience and expertise that has allowed us to not shy away from the challenge of a tricky site.

The ability to install a pool closer to houses and boundaries is dependent on several factors, including but not limited to soil type, council interpretations, the strength of the pool and soil stabilisation processes.

Soil stabilistion is a specialised process that consolidates and strengthens the ground in preparation for excavation. It eliminates the risk of foundation movements and allows you to safely excavate close to your house. Having an in-house engineer means we are able to approve engineering plans with a relatively fast turnaround time.

The way in which we build our pools, with 200mm edge beams, structural ribbing system, fully enclosed steps and support struts under all benches, seats and swim outs guarantees its integrity and ensures the strength of the pool. Features such as long seating ledges along the side of the pool can improve the chance of locating your pool closer to a boundary.

The photos below show with the right skills, know-how and can-do attitude a tight space doesn’t have to mean a pool is out of the question for your family. Our team of experienced Sales & Design Consultants can assess your space and work with you to see if there is a solution to suit your backyard. Contact your nearest display centre today and let us help you get started.