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Spice Up the Spook of Your Sapphire Pools

Spice Up the Spook of Your Sapphire Pools

Spice Up the Spook of Your Sapphire Pools

We’ve just had a look at the weather and we’ve got fantastic news for you! We’re going to have some sunshine this weekend. Make the most out of the nice weather by throwing a spooktacular pool party to welcome Halloween!

Make this year’s Halloween celebration even more memorable for you and your family by spicing up your pool area with hair-raising, safe and child-friendly Halloween décor.

Here are some great ideas to help you get started:

Floating Lanterns

This is a quick, easy idea that will surely add a chilling aura to your backyard.  The best part? You’ll only need two things – a cheap Halloween bucket and some glowsticks!

Simply crack the glowsticks and drop in the buckets to light them up. Once you’ve done this for all your buckets, let them freely float around the pool surface or place them around your pool area.

Glowing Hands

This idea uses the same steps above with a slight tweak in the things you’ll need. The resulting look, however, is as haunting!

Follow the steps above but instead of using Halloween buckets, use white rubber gloves.

Tip: Don’t forget to blow up the gloves after adding the glowsticks in!

Skeleton Madness

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without any skeletons in sight!

The greatest part about this idea is that you can position your skeletons in however way you want to match the aesthetic of your other decors.

You can have your skeleton relaxing in a sun lounge, or have it glide across your pool surface by placing it on an inflatable pool float.

Halloween Pool Floats

Another easy trick to add a spooky effect, look for some Halloween-themed inflatable pool floaters! There are hundreds of shops that sell these from inflatable coffins to inflatable spider floaters. Simply have a look online and choose which design you fancy the most.

We hope you’ll enjoy creating Halloween memories this year with your family in your Sapphire pool! If you’ve tried out any of the ideas above, don’t forget to take a photo and send it to us! You can also post it on social media and tag us @sapphirepoolsperth. We can’t wait to see them.

Have a fang-tastic time! 🎃