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Six Layers of Strength

Every Sapphire pool is constructed using advanced manufacturing techniques and specialised high-performance materials.The durable six layer system has been developed from unique ground-breaking technology that protects the pool’s surface from within by providing a barrier against the damaging effects of pool chemicals and ultraviolet light. This improves impact resistance and thermal insulation providing maximum strength and rigidity. The result is a strong pool and vibrant colour that lasts.

Layer 1 Gelcoat Interior Surface

This layer is the pool’s colour and is made using the highest-grade Isophthalic NPG gelcoat together with fade resistant pigments and superior materials for lasting, vibrant pool colour. This layer contains Microtech Anti-Microbial pool protection.

Layer 2 Vinyl Ester Anti-Corrosion Barrier

This chemical resistant and hydrolytically stable vinyl ester layer protects the gelcoat cosmetic surface from within and greatly improves water, chemical and heat resistance for a pool that is built to last.

Layer 3 Primary Structural Layer and Second Chemical Resistant Layer

This is the initial strength increasing structural layer. A high-quality resin is used to further enhance the pool’s resistance to water and chemicals.

Layer 4 Maxi-Strength Structural Layer

Specialised enhancers are added to the fibreglass and resin mix within this layer. This increases the stiffness of the structural laminate by 47% over conventional systems.

Layer 5 Second Maxi-Strength Structural Layer

A vital extra section for maximum pool and strength and rigidity. Applied to engineers specifications over all reinforcements.

Layer 6 Outer Finishing Coat

The final barrier protecting your pool from external elements.

Each vital layer in the system is individually adhered to the next using a Matched Lamination System. This sophisticated method ensures maximum bond and prevents gradual separation of the pools layers, known as de-lamination. This is the reason why we can give you a lifetime structural warranty on your pool.

Each Fibreglass Swimming pool constructed and installed by Sapphire Pools has Six Layers of Strength
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