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Picture Perfect Outdoor Spaces

Picture Perfect Outdoor Spaces

Picture Perfect Outdoor Spaces

Installing a pool is a decision that will transform your backyard. In modern, compact homes, effective use of space can make or break your design. The swimming pool is going to be a major feature of your outdoor area and so it stands to reason that the surrounding landscaping should complement it as much as possible.

By planning ahead for your pool and implementing a well-thought-out design, you can create a functional pool area that can be used all year round.  Using the architecture of your home as a design cue is a good starting point.  Current trends have seen coastal-Hamptons style rise in popularity along with Palm Springs elegance.  Multiple zones can be created through smart landscaping and with space often at a premium, innovative solutions are often required.  It may pay to engage a landscape designer who has a wealth of expertise and experience as choosing materials can become confusing with so many options now available.

All of our Sapphire fibreglass pools have a fixed size and this will allow you to proportion out the surrounding space and create a layout for the final result. If your pool is part of a new build or renovation, large windows to your pool area will make both indoor and outdoor appear more spacious as well as giving you a great view of your new pool.

Planting around your pool to create a lush, green backdrop can be done to great effect and gives you the opportunity to either blend or contrast to your pool colour. Your garden setting can be offset by natural stone or decking around the pool to create a dynamic mix of colours and match the style of your home. This is where you can establish a clear connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and create a pool area that is a tasteful extension of your home. Pick materials that won’t date and are adaptable to any future changes that you may wish to make to your home.

Once the foundation is down it’s time to populate your area with furniture and decorations that suit your taste and serve a purpose without over-crowding the pool area. With the right choices, you’ve got yourself a backyard destination for entertaining, relaxing and creating memories for years to come.

By knowing what you want, accounting for the space you have and taking the time to research a few options, you can produce an outdoor area that is an asset to your home and full of endless possibilities for summer and beyond.