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Lap it Up

Lap it Up

Lap it Up

Long, sleek lap pools are the smart solution for narrow outdoor spaces.  They are great for exercising and getting a work out in the privacy of your own backyard.   Lap pools are also the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing dip on a hot day and can be a stunning addition to your outdoor living space.

Lap pools tend to be long and rectangular so you have enough space to swim in the pool to get a real workout. They can fit in narrow spaces, making them ideal for people who want the benefits of a pool without having to worry about it overtaking the backyard space and landscaping.  In addition to being great for workouts and hydrotherapy, lap pools are good for entertaining.

The Sapphire Pools’ range of lap designs include the 9m Duchess and 11m Duke, both with a slim 2.5m width and 1.4m constant depth. Entry steps on one side of the pool allow for easy tumble turns when you are swimming end to end.  Both designs also feature a safety ledge the length of the pool, providing a convenient rest spot for children.

For dedicated lap swimmers who want a serious workout, we are able to create custom lengths.  The 16m pool below received a Gold award at the SPASA WA Awards of Excellence in 2018 for Fibreglass Lap Pools.  Contact one of our display centres for more information about our custom lengths.

Lap pools tend to run parallel to a house to save space. As they are often located close to a house, deck, or patio, lap pools can easily be integrated into your existing design scheme.  A combination of an indoor and outdoor lap pool is also growing in popularity. You benefit from the coverage of a roof while still being able to be outdoors and enjoying the weather.

Click here to view the Duchess design

Click here to view the Duke design