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Delta UV Dual Sanitisation

Delta UV Dual Sanitisation

Delta UV Dual Sanitisation

Give your family the healthiest and safest swimming water available with a dual sanitisation system.

Delta UV Ultra Violet water treatment guarantees healthy water protected against any risk of contamination by micro-organisms present in the water. When chlorine kills bacteria in your pool, by-products known as chloramines are created. These chloramines can account for chlorine smell, burning eyes and skin irritations. These chloramines are effectively oxidised when using UV sanitisation.

Delta UV neutralizes 99.5% of all know pathogens, even chlorine resistant ones. It works instantly while other systems can take hours to have any effect. Delta UV completely disinfects and inactivates bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa while also drastically reducing chemical use. There is no need to super chlorinate a UV pool as there is no chloramine build up.

Benefits for You

Good Health
• Completely disinfects and inactivates bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa
• No more irritated eyes or skin, perfect for those with sensitive skin ailments
• No unpleasant odours in the water or air
• Mineral enhanced therapeutic benefits that leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after every swim

Cost Savings
• Drastically reduces chemical use – up to 50% compared to a pool without UV
• Easier pool maintenance
• Prolongs the pool and equipment life – reduces degradation of the pool’s surface and equipment
• Energy efficient equipment that reduces electricity use
• Reduced need for backwashing, significantly lowering water usage and costs
• Delta UV lamps have a long operating life (3 years for a seasonal swimming pool)

More Efficient
• Easy and fast to install and maintain
• Compatible with pool heating and automatic pool cleaners
• Continuous disinfection
• Non-corrosive treatment

Eco Friendly
• Less ongoing water treatment, cutting the use of harsh chemicals
• Reduced water consumption through less backwashing
• Discharged water does not pollute

Contact your local Sapphire Pools display centre for more information on the unmatched benefits of a dual sanitisation system for your swimming pool. A pool is a big investment so don’t compromise on the best sanitisation system to guarantee healthier and cleaner swimming water for you and your family.