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Why a Family Pool is a Great Idea!

Why a Family Pool is a Great Idea!

Why a Family Pool is a Great Idea!

With 20% of Perth homes having a swimming pool, it’s safe to say that the backyard pool is a huge part of the Western Australian lifestyle! There’s so many benefits to having a family pool – from fitness to socialising, creating lasting memories and so much more. As pool builders in Perth for half a century, we’ve built many thousands of pools, and we’re proud of our place helping Western Australian families experience the joys of a swimming pool at home.

Here’s 6 reasons why a swimming pool should play a part in your family’s story.


Perfect for teaching the kids to swim

Practice makes perfect, and kids who have a pool at home get plenty of practice! Reinforce what they learn in swimming lessons by giving them the opportunity to swim with their family in the comfort of their own backyard. By helping your kids learn to swim confidently, they’ll be safer in the water, and improving  their skill means they’re more likely to enjoy swimming and make it part of their regular routine!


Stay fit and healthy

Less screen time, more swim time! The fitness benefits of swimming are fantastic, and virtually anyone of all ages can enjoy this low-impact exercise targeting your whole body. Having a pool at home means your kids can develop an attitude of exercise as fun, and something they look forward to. These habits can last for a lifetime, and who knows – maybe your little swimmer might grow up to be an Australian Olympian!


Reduces stress and anxiety

There’s something fundamentally healing about being immersed in water. Childhood can be stressful – from navigating friendships, to mastering maths – and helping the kids find tools to calm themselves and be mindful is great for their ongoing mental health. According to, and Psych Central swimming can improve mood, increase self-esteem, lower depression risk, improve sleep and reduce stress. Whether the kids are swimming laps or relaxing in the water, they’ll be happy to have a pool!


Great for socialising

Pool party at your place! The poolside BBQ is an iconic part of the great Australian summer, and having your family, friends and loved ones beating the heat together is a great way to make memories.


Spend more time bonding together

If you had a pool growing up, you’ll no doubt have many fond memories of swimming and relaxing in the pool with family, playing with pool toys together, and having great fun! In an age where family time is often spent glued to the TV, or semi-present while checking your notifications, it’s great to get away from distractions of 24-7 daily life and just bond with each other.


Swimming is fun!

Swimming is a favourite activity for so many Aussies, with good reason! It doesn’t necessarily feel like working out, but it’s great for your body; you can do it together with the people you care about; and it’s incredibly freeing. You can play games in the water; you can beat your personal best as you lap the pool; and you can just splash about! Whole families swim together, and kids will watch how much you enjoy it and want to be part of it too.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about why installing a family pool is a great idea! Make 2020 the year you get the most out of summer with the gorgeous range of swimming pool designs at Sapphire Pools.